Saturday, July 23, 2011

freelance photography - blooms and cakes

A brand new project is in the mix.  
A new etsy shop is opening soon and I am helping with the photography for the grand event!  


When the little shop opens this week, I will be the first to visit~ 
And...I will share a link, too!

Good luck Kelly!  I am excited for your next adventure.

*  *  *

I adore freelance work, call or send a note about your next project.

freelance photography - brights & lights

My favorite florist is at it again...
Beautiful wedding blooms!  

Gorgeous brights~ 

And my favorite ~ unbelievably soft and pink peonies.  

Little boutonni√®res all in a row...

Once again Chelsey (at Ruby Bloom), you stole my heart with these sweet blooms.  
I love this work and I love you sweet friend! 

I adore freelance work - send me a note about your next project?  

Freelance photography - the lemonade stand kit

Thankfully I have the opportunity a few times a month to shoot at things that aren't moving!  
I love freelance work, especially if it entails a theme and am allowed some creative leeway.  

This is a sampling of the Scarlet Lime collection -- Christy Tomlinson's fabulous line of creative loves.  
I am in love with these colors and the butterflies just took my breath away.
Gorgeous, yes?

I love to help with creative projects, just send me a note!  

Thank you Christy for all the fun! I can't wait to see what is next~