Sunday, November 21, 2010

Utah maternity photographer ~ a beauty & her (adorable) belly

A dream day for a photographer...  

A beautiful Mum that is obviously full of happy goodness. 
Quiet afternoon~ perfect for a girl's outing.  
Sweet old barns and pioneer homes. 
Crunchy yellow leaves and some wandering sheep.
And a happy home full of silly-fun boys to come home to... 
The serious looks come with so many giggles.  I am terrible at keeping a straight face...sorry!
Look at the fun we were met with when we got back.  Yes!  I do love boys, I do.  
I am so lucky to share this special time with you.  Thanks Mollie!

((Look for all the photos in the gallery link))

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Utah family portraiture & candids ~ two handsome boys

There are times when *every good thing* comes together for a photographer.  It happens frequently when you are well prepared and have a happy heart, but it mainly depends a great deal on light

Everything a photographer does is dependent on this beautiful, transparent, ethereal, always changing wave of light.  I see it is God's divine touch, His ever present sparkle in a child's eye and the warm glow in the fall leaves.  I can be so strong at times you have to diffuse it ~ or like this night you just watch it lightly hit each face with a soft touch.  I love it.  

You can see it in this little ones eyes...and perhaps a bit of mischief as well?  :o)
A beautiful family inside and out.  I love this Mum and her little boys.  I love the out-takes as well as the pictures, they definitely tell the greater story?  There is a lot to do to keep little boys cleaned up when the photographer has them out in the bushes, the barns, rusty trucks, and dirt paths!  Great job Mum!
These boys were great.  The real smiles showed up when I finally (accidentally) fell over the little ones bike.  I need to keep that in mind for other photo-shoots.  Bodily harm to the photographer = great smiles. 

Thanks for letting me share  ~  you have such a gorgeous family!  More of these boys are in my slide show (above).

Much love,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Utah freelance photographer ~ a real sweetheart

A great assignment... photos for a friend's Etsy shop.  I don't know who had more fun~ the artist, the model, or the photographer. It was a freezing day for outside shots, my fingers froze together...but we got some really fun images...  What a wild hair day~ I could do this every Friday.  

Thanks sweetie for all the smiles!  You are a spirit filled girl and it shows...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

little Lilly ~ {little one} candids & portraits

I adore this little one.  She is a favorite of mine and you can see why~  

And she has two handsome brothers...who were a bit wiggly.

I am calendaring for the next couple weeks~  
Contact me for details, I have some great ideas for the holidays!

Love you little Lilly~

Monday, November 8, 2010

sunshine and smiles ~ family candids

One of the highlights of what I do ~ in Photography ~ is sharing it with friends.  I think it is one the best ways to spend my working hours.  I love meeting new people, spending time with friends/family, and I especially adore working with a local photographer & great friend, Mitz.

When it comes to new ideas, places, and creative adventures we like to team up. This weekend I helped her on her photo-shoot with our local Pastor and his adorable family.  So much fun!

Even though my job was mainly to help with lighting issues (too muches & too littles), locating helpful "shot-spots", & providing silly-baby-maneuvers (all the silly things you have to do to try to get a little baby to smile), I did sneak in a couple pics of my own.

How cute are these babes?

I have been thinking about this so much...and it is so important in whatever creative path you choose~

 share *abundant love* in your dealings with others
always be willing to help others on their own creative journeys
take time to laugh, play, and giggle in your work
happy moments happen often ~ when our eyes & hearts are open to see them
& always be ready for the adventures when they call~ 

The most darling family, a gorgeous night, and so much fun to giggle with all those girls...
A very blessed event indeed ~ 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your fun adventure Mitz! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Utah senior photographer ~ for you sweet girl!

I couldn't ask for a more fun afternoon.
Great friends, a beautiful autumn day, and the sparkling eyes of this sweetheart of a girl.

Loved every minute!

Currently shooting around three days this is coming!

Contact me for dates/times. I spend 1.5-2 hours shooting, giving you 30-40
beautiful, high resolution photos to choose from (and a great social media file, too).

I will be fun!