Children’s Photography
*tiny ones* package  newborn               1-3 hours $80 (price reflects extra time)
                                                   1 year old 1 hour $50 **free gift too!
                                                   Up to 2 years 1 hour $50

*little ones* package 3-8 years 1 hour $50
                                                  additional siblings $25 each

Maternity Photography
*tummy pics*                7-8 months           1-2 hours     $50-80 (price reflects extra time)

Senior Photography 
*triple treat/trouble* package     Juniors/Seniors 1-3 hours $100  (three locations/activities)

Family Photography            seasonal locations     1-2 hours       $150   (price may be changed  based on  family size/complexity of shoot)

Bridals/Weddings/Receptions         Contact me for a quote, I would love to talk to you!

Special Occasions         Contact me for a quote ~ engagements, special parties, reunions, holiday cards ~

Freelance Photography Online & storefront business/product photography~ Contact me for quotes
                                      I love helping set up ETSY or web based shops!

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It is important for you to share your thoughts & ideas for our photo shoot.  I have a style that I love ~ please see my photography site ~ but I want you to be happy with your photos.  I love to make your ideas happen!   I am easy to talk to, I love trying new things, and I work well with creative collaboration (mixing ideas) so bring your ideas and let's chat!

With children and maternity photography, I am happy to use your location or mine depending on your wants/needs.  I adore tummy shots (maternity), the nursing newborns, shy little girls, and boys that need their faces washed (again) -- I am a Mum and know the work involved in getting pictures taken!

I always allow the time your child needs to feel comfortable and happy, I don’t rush babies or children.

Your images will be displayed in a client gallery that I will set up for you, giving  you time to look through them, making any changes to the images before I finalize.  I will give you a flashdrive or CD with 30-40 images.  It is important for you to make a copy on your computer and any back up CDs.  I will only keep your images on my hard drive for 6 weeks.  Each image is a high-resolution photograph that I have looked over, cleaned up, and re-sized to 8x8/8x10/8x12.  If you are interested in additional enlargements, just contact me.
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This should be a meaningful and happy experience, a special gift to you and your family, let me know what I can do to help you~

Junelle Jacobsen

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mobile~  801-699-4948