Thursday, November 18, 2010

Utah family portraiture & candids ~ two handsome boys

There are times when *every good thing* comes together for a photographer.  It happens frequently when you are well prepared and have a happy heart, but it mainly depends a great deal on light

Everything a photographer does is dependent on this beautiful, transparent, ethereal, always changing wave of light.  I see it is God's divine touch, His ever present sparkle in a child's eye and the warm glow in the fall leaves.  I can be so strong at times you have to diffuse it ~ or like this night you just watch it lightly hit each face with a soft touch.  I love it.  

You can see it in this little ones eyes...and perhaps a bit of mischief as well?  :o)
A beautiful family inside and out.  I love this Mum and her little boys.  I love the out-takes as well as the pictures, they definitely tell the greater story?  There is a lot to do to keep little boys cleaned up when the photographer has them out in the bushes, the barns, rusty trucks, and dirt paths!  Great job Mum!
These boys were great.  The real smiles showed up when I finally (accidentally) fell over the little ones bike.  I need to keep that in mind for other photo-shoots.  Bodily harm to the photographer = great smiles. 

Thanks for letting me share  ~  you have such a gorgeous family!  More of these boys are in my slide show (above).

Much love,

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