Monday, November 8, 2010

sunshine and smiles ~ family candids

One of the highlights of what I do ~ in Photography ~ is sharing it with friends.  I think it is one the best ways to spend my working hours.  I love meeting new people, spending time with friends/family, and I especially adore working with a local photographer & great friend, Mitz.

When it comes to new ideas, places, and creative adventures we like to team up. This weekend I helped her on her photo-shoot with our local Pastor and his adorable family.  So much fun!

Even though my job was mainly to help with lighting issues (too muches & too littles), locating helpful "shot-spots", & providing silly-baby-maneuvers (all the silly things you have to do to try to get a little baby to smile), I did sneak in a couple pics of my own.

How cute are these babes?

I have been thinking about this so much...and it is so important in whatever creative path you choose~

 share *abundant love* in your dealings with others
always be willing to help others on their own creative journeys
take time to laugh, play, and giggle in your work
happy moments happen often ~ when our eyes & hearts are open to see them
& always be ready for the adventures when they call~ 

The most darling family, a gorgeous night, and so much fun to giggle with all those girls...
A very blessed event indeed ~ 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your fun adventure Mitz! 

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