Sunday, December 5, 2010

Utah family portraiture & candids ~ the Miller family

Oh, boys...

The joy of boys and family pictures ~ they are either silly-laughing or absolutely not going to smile.  
It was a bit of a challenge to figure these two out, but with the trucks on my kitchen floor
 and the dangling carrot of a happy meal...eventually we got some great shots.  
I still laugh looking at them ~ what a fun afternoon.  

This little one is really *that little* ~ teenie.  
She was so good and I hope to have her back this week for more pictures.  
Such a beauty (and a girl, too!), what fun for me in my all boy house.  Lucky me~

Even after all the crazy things I put them through...these little guys did great.

And for my favorite photo of the day~

What a sweet & adorable family.  
Thank you Millers~
I love your family and your little ones are so fun/gorgeous/silly/adorable~
Let's do this again?  

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  1. That last photograph brought a smile to my face! You do such good work, Junelle!


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