Tuesday, January 18, 2011

family photography ~ silver & gold

A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair
and gold in his heart. 
                              -author unknown

We of course were having a delightful time with all these wiggly boys and wee little babe
until the boys got a bit too rowdy.  Even Great-Grandpa was a bit impish.  Oh, boys!

Thankfully we still had photos of Great-Grandma and sweet little Teyah.  So blissful~

When I asked how long they had been married, the answer was quick on the tongue~ 65 years. 
"Yes, 65 years with the same woman is a long time..." He said.  Then they both grinned.
What a beautiful couple. 

Such a pleasure and wonderful blessing to be invited into your home for photos. 
 I enjoyed every minute~

as always...the rest of your photos are in your client gallery~

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  1. The first and last photos in that set are especially wonderful. What great captures of their personalities!


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